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DIY USB HDD drive from old laptop

Hi all, this time it will be a very easy DIY or more or less how to re-use the old HDD drive.

When my laptop dies (HP DV 6000 series) – btw a lot of them were dying because the graphic card was heated too much, and overall the whole laptop was not a good design.

What you need to reuse it, is an external enclosure designed for a 2.5-inch SATA drive.


USB 3.0 Hard Drive External Enclosure Case 2.5 inch SATA

Total prize: €3,64
Note: Price may differ, above showing the price in the time of my order.


STEP 1: Detach the HDD from laptop

STEP 2: Remove any brackets and screws

STEP 3: Install the HDD into new enclosure

STEP 4: Connect USB cable

STEP 5: Test the HDD


And that’s all – easy huh?

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